brick house

In 1937, J.C. Newman launched Brick House to honor his family and heritage. The vintage Brick House cigar label depicts the pastoral setting of J.C. Newman’s childhood home – the  only brick house in his village. A place that was not only a home, but it was also the town’s tavern. There, locals and visitors alike gathered nightly to eat, drink, smoke, and enjoy each other’s company. The original Brick House cigars were Cuban puros, handmade with the finest Havana tobaccos. Today, Brick House cigars are premium Nicaraguan puros featuring an exclusive Nicaraguan Havana Subido wrapper and Nicaraguan filler for a complex, flavorful premium cigar.
A historic brand with a rich history, an incredibly flavorful Nicaraguan puro at a great price, and kudos with high ratings from all who have smoked it. You don’t need hype to appreciate Brick House cigars… just around 5 bucks and a comfortable chair.

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