With each draw, this “Puro” builds in strength to leave even the most discerning smoker satisfied and spent. It is ultra robust, yet smooth, with sweet and spicy notes. This is a cigar for the experienced connoisseur who appreciates and craves unadulterated boldness.

Made exclusively by hand and entirely of Nicaraguan harvested tobaccos, this cigar is an ultra robust spicy smoke with earthy finish, unbridled body and aroma, which showcases the authentic Nicaraguan “Puro”.

For the smoker who enjoy a smoother cigar the Joya Cabineta offers a  myriad of taste and aromatic sensations can be detected in this creamy smoke. Each cigar’s head is finished with a swath of sun grown Criollo that adds just the right touch of peppery linger to the Cabinetta’s intricate taste profile.


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