Privacy Policy

Cigar State protect 100% the privacy of our customers, visitors, and guests, online and brick and mortar. We do not share in any manner any information with others.

Cigar State collects customers information in the eventuality of subsequent orders. Including but not limited to names, shipping and billing addresses, emails, login and password, phone numbers, requests and order history. Credit card information will not be stored in our database.

The data stored, is used for accuracy within the account and purchases and or interests. Information might be used for product optimization, data analysis, rewards, marketing, site performance and campaigns. Also, information is stored for payment processing, fraud protection and security.

Email addresses are used for online account authentication. Emails may be sent as a way to maintain customers informed about deals, promotions and events. All completed purchases or transactions will register the email address and signed up for promotional emails sent by Cigar State. An option of unsubscribe is always available in case the customer no longer wants to receive Cigar State email notifications. However, email addresses are used to send invoices/confirmations and shipping information including tracking numbers.

Cookies can be used to optimize the entire process for the customer. This will allow a better tracking the website performance including traffic and inventory.

The SSL certificate maintain the information provide encrypted in order to protect the data provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if further information is needed.