After the selection and inspection process of what to smoke today or now, here is where everything starts, with the cut! This is a matter of preference now, from guillotine cutters to single blade, double blades, v cutter, straight cutter, perfect cutter, punch or scissors we have you cover for that initial clip that will get you to the enjoyment zone. You can always bit off the cap but I don’t think that will be a good idea if you are going to light up a torpedo or pyramid depending of the brand of course. For any occasion we have the right cutter or cutters if you like certain cigars with a specific type of cut or opening. If you haven’t tried all types of cuts or punch, we recommend in doing so and find the best way to enjoy your cigar and get the most flavor out of it.     

Cigar Cutter for Sale USA, Buy Cigar Cutter Online USA

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